A Message From Our Founder & CEO

Hello and Welcome!


I'm Chad El Hage, Founder & CEO of Branded Currency Solutions. Together with my dedicated team, we've architected a top-tier API and platform in addressing digital gift card rewards, monetization for mobile apps and gaming, and seamless payouts for mobile apps and platforms. At Branded Currency Solutions, we emphasize transparency and direct communication. This means that as our valued client, you'll always engage directly with me, bypassing any intermediaries or sales pitches.

We're not just service providers; we're innovators. Our expansive gift card catalog for Branded Currency Rewards encompasses over 6,000 brands and merchants globally. Our rewards platform is designed to work with ease, providing you a robust client portal or an API that takes no more then 10 minutes to integrate. Check out our site and if you have have any inquiries or specifics regarding our platforms, don't hesitate to reach me directly at [email protected].

You can visit www.BrandedCurrencySolutions.com to see a list of our other platforms.

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